Duane Kozitka, Vice President (The Chuba Company)

In the construction business as like most others, time = money whether it’s made or wasted. If our computers, server or other peripherals are down we are pretty much shut down. I have been a client of Vision Network Solutions for nearly 10 years and Jan, Brian, Gloria and the rest of the team at Vision Network Solutions have consistently helped us to keep our technology resources maintained at competitive rates and have always been there to help when those unexpected needs arise. They can explain what they/we need to do in understandable terms and are there to answer even a simple question over the phone if necessary. Over the years Vision Network Solutions has built a trust relationship with us and I know they have our back so I can focus on managing and growing our business not putting out technology fires. I don’t hesitate to pass their number on when someone has a technology need.

Duane Kozitka

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